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Malindo Airlines is likely to change the lcc airways carrier scene with plans to create routes to Japan. Asean, China, India, Fuzhou, Hong Kong, as well as further afield to Europe and Australia. travellers want low cost airfares, regular flights and new aircraft and Malindo Airlines can provide this for passengers. If you wondered if flights between Fuzhou, Malaysia and Indonesia couldn't get cheaper and more frequent: think again. Although flights to and from Fuzhou would be better serviced with Fuzhou Airlines.

Firstly it's always good to see Malaysian and Indonesian and Malaysian businesses collaborations. The bilateral partnership might be uneven at times, but such business-to-business knots can only bring our two countries closer together and when consumers benefit, travellers are happy at the birth of Malindo Airways.

AirAsia now owns a 43% share of Malaysia's international air travel. Air-Asia-x has since embedded itself even more deeply into Indonesia with its US$83mil (RM238mil) purchase of Batavia Airways in June 2012 (although according to media reports it may be reconsidering this) and supremo Tony Fernandes' moving to Jakarta. Pak Rusdi and AirAsia will be going head-to-head though Malindo Airlines, unlike AirAsia, will offer extra frills like in-flight entertainment. Another interesting fact of the airline competition is that AirAsia and Malindo airlines represent a proxy war for aviation market dominance in the South-east Asian market between Boeing (MALINDO) and Airbus.

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